COOL Poster Black cat be strong be brave be human be badass

Eat down, tease each other for life, until now it has to go home to prepare for work. Its schedule is like a day except for work, but never appears a second to pick up the textbook to call it like a student studying.

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He slowly drove the car under the hot late afternoon sun to bring Han to return to the room.
- Hey!
- What?
- What happen?
- What is’ What?
- Han looks different. What did she say to Han, but now she is very confused!
- It’s ungainly! At what time? How dare to tell Han when eating bear bile?
- Oh! That… it’s half hot again. People just asked a little …
- Shelves Han!

He shrugged, dared not say anything, turned to focus on driving. Han spoke up a little
- Hey?
- Huh?
- Girls have to be gentle, boys like it
- Oh! Usually, who doesn’t like gentle girls.
- Uhm!
- For example, M, M likes fierce girls, and has a bit of a stubborn personality?
- Oh! This can’t be said for sure. In general, girls are gentle, gentle, and graceful, of course, it is easy to make M more affectionate. M is also a boy, which one is gaping.

- Why?
- Yes, but a girl’s personality is also good. In general, if you know it for a long time, it’s fine to have a temper
She seems to be listening to it silently.
- So M sees Han?
- Han huh … hehe is too bad! Like a ruffled porcupine, if you hurry up and decrease it, it is not real

“Chat” … he was laughing clown then she hit him on the back
- Huh!
- Stop it! Poke that lady, nothing has hit people yet. What is the imitation of Phuong Hoi? Why did you suddenly ask M so?
- Well … then ask … Please see M’s attitude too. That night jokingly. Dare to make fun of Han? Han is not Phuong, but that kind of attitude.
- Alright! Serious yet. Difficult like a young woman too!
- Say what?
- Err, nothing … say Han beautiful yet.
- Is that soul. Big, but like a kid. I can’t understand why there are stupid people coming to like M.

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