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Halloween (or Hallowe’en) is a Celestial New Year’s celebration with a history of 2,000 years. After this, it gradually became popular in many places and became an American costume festival since the early 1900s.

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Referring to Halloween, we will immediately remember pumpkin lanterns, corn candies, spiders or witches corporations … In fact, this festival has many other symbols that soon, we will learn together. !

The mysterious black cat is often used to decorate a lot on Halloween. Do you know why?
In the Middle Ages, when witch hunting was a “trendy business”, with just a little “out of character”, you could be convicted of “heresy” and executed immediately. Elderly, solitary women are often unjustly accused of witchcraft. And their pets — often black cats — also began to suffer from there.
At this time, it is believed that black cats are the incarnations of Satan. And to this day, black cats are still a symbol of bad luck in many parts of the world.

After the black cat, bats are also considered “friends of the devil” in medieval folklore. Another legend says that if a bat flies into your house on Halloween night, it proves that they have been attracted by ghosts in the house.

Along with black cats and bats, spiders are also a very popular symbol of Halloween, carrying superstitious legends. In ancient times, it was believed that the wizarding corporation was present whenever a spider was burned by humans.
On Halloween night, it is rumored that you will see a deceased relative watching you if you come across a spider.

Behind this spooky lantern is the story of a drunk farmer named Jack. This man dared to joke with the devil and was thrown out of heaven and hell upon death.

Then Jack made a turnip lantern, lit a candle inside to guide his way through the dark. Therefore, the ancients believed that, if they put pumpkin lanterns at the door, lost souls would find their way home on Halloween.
There is also another legend that, in the beginning, the lanterns were made of hollow radish with scary faces to dispel evil spirits, protect the homeowner. However, due to the scarcity of radishes, the Americans used pumpkins instead.

In ancient times, the image of an emaciated old woman with a pointed hat, plus a large nodule in her nose, diligently stirring the cauldron of medicine has been derived from the Celtic religious image on Halloween. They believe it to be a symbol of wisdom, change and change of seasons.
Through the war and “anti-witch” period in the Middle Ages, that image has transformed into scary witches.

Perhaps, we are familiar with the image of little girls and boys holding a lovely cauldron and asking for candy on Halloween night. Explaining the image of the cauldron, the Celts believe that after death, all souls enter the cauldron, representing the womb of Earth’s mother.
They believe that the spirits will wait there for rebirth. When new souls enter the cauldron, old souls are reborn after each stirring of the witch’s cauldron.

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